About our company

Nowadays people pay more and more attention to the safety of goods they use. This is why safe and environmentally friendly household chemicals are gaining a considerable share of the home care market both in Russia and throughout the world. OPPO creators made it their goal to deliver the kind of produce that would be absolutely safe for humans in the first place, for what is safe for humans is equally safe for nature but not vice versa. Meanwhile, many household chemicals positioned as environmentally friendly are far from being safe for people. At the same time customers place great importance on the affordability of goods.

Consequently, OPPO products have two underlying principles: safety and affordability.

In manufacture environmentally friendly components that do not contain phosphates, surfactants, chlorine, oils, fragrances, dyes or other harmful ingredients are used.

OPPO creators observed that there is a limited choice of household chemicals both being a good value and safe for all age categories including young children.


Most actually safe products are seriously overpriced. The OPPO team decided to develop harmless and generally affordable home care goods. The project was supported by highly experienced environmental experts from Germany who researched the health risk of using SAS (surface-active substances), phosphates, fragrances and others components of widely produced household chemicals. As a result of this the OPPO laboratory was set up to develop new products on the basis of commendable European recipes brought in accordance with strict present-day safely regulations. Thus a brand new product for Russia was developed – OPPO.

OPPO concerns

OPPO - German brand of household chemistry, compound security and availability. Motto OPPO - OPtimal safety, POsitive result.



We care about your health - all products OPPO does not contain ingredients harmful to human health.



Ease of use is achieved through the use of modern packaging, elaborate packaging and product forms.



High efficiency detergents OPPO is proud of its developers.



Everyone should be able to enjoy safe detergents, so we made our products available to the consumer.


OPPO is a German brand of home care goods, a blend of safety and affordability. The OPPO slogan is OPtimal Safety, POsitive result.

We are sure that you will appreciate the safety, affordability and quality of our products!

The OPPO trademark is developed and produced by “Centeco Ltd”. ( centeco.ru )